Violin Sonata No. 1 

This work was commissioned by Strathmore arts center, North Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A., to celebrate the turn of the millennium.  When Richard Mumford called to request the piece, he suggested that it look firmly forward, but that it also take the occasional glance backward.  He knew I would embrace the idea: I spent many hours researching the eighteenth and nineteenth century music performance practices of southern Maryland.  And, indeed, the the work does contain echoes of our indigenous music.  Duration: 13' 10''.


Violin Sonata No. 2

When two great performers like Michael Appleman and Alexander Paley are willing to perform a new piece, I write a new piece. It is a substantial work.   As the venue was again Strathmore, they kindly agreed not only to premiering the new second sonata but to also allow a return visit from the first one.  That made for a very pleasant evening.  The work was made possible the old way - by subscription: Many friends contributed, and to them I am deeply grateful.  A contemporary equivalent to the subscription method is the internet site Kickstarter.  I may try that at some point, I'm not sure.  What I am sure of is that two friends talking across a table, perhaps with some food but definitely with a beer, is a good and civilized way to practice art.     Duration: 19' 30".